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Horn of Africa This Week

Read more ...Migrant ship capsizes in Lampedusa

An overcrowded boat with an estimated 500 people on board capsized in the Sicilian island of Lampedusa.

On Unraveling Ethiopia’s Political Conundrums

Read more ...by Ayele Gelan

(OPride) – In a recent Op-Ed piece that appeared on OPride.com , I discussed the types and nature of nationalism in Ethiopia. In response, I received a number of constructive comments and questions both on the site and via email.

Ethiopian presidency and the need to share our humiliation

MulatuWirtuBy Hawi O.

(OPride) – The results are in. Ethiopia’s rubberstamp parliament, in a joint session on Monday, approved Dr. Ambassador Mulatu Teshome Wirtu’s nomination to be the next president of Ethiopia.

Agarii Tullu: from serfdom to a revered Oromo hero

Read more ...by Mohammed Ademo

(OPride) – The history of the Oromo people, Ethiopia’s single largest ethnic group, is marked by socio-political oppression and a continuous resistance against it.

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