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On Unraveling Ethiopia’s Political Conundrums

Read more ...by Ayele Gelan

(OPride) – In a recent Op-Ed piece that appeared on OPride.com , I discussed the types and nature of nationalism in Ethiopia. In response, I received a number of constructive comments and questions both on the site and via email.

Global 2013 Irreecha celebration in pictures

Read more ...(OPride) – The 2013 Oromo thanksgiving holiday, Irreecha, was colorfully celebrated by millions of Oromos worldwide last weekend.

Agarii Tullu: from serfdom to a revered Oromo hero

Read more ...by Mohammed Ademo

(OPride) – The history of the Oromo people, Ethiopia’s single largest ethnic group, is marked by socio-political oppression and a continuous resistance against it.

Oromo Thanksgiving Irreecha joyously celebrated worldwide

Read more ...by Sinke Wesho

(OPride) – The 2013 Irreecha, Oromo thanksgiving holiday, was joyfully celebrated over the weekend with millions of people flocking to parks and riverbanks around the world.


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