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Global 2013 Irreecha celebration in pictures

Read more ...(OPride) – The 2013 Oromo thanksgiving holiday, Irreecha, was colorfully celebrated by millions of Oromos worldwide last weekend.

Oromo artists Haacaaluu and Abbush to release new music albums

by Mohammed Ademo

(OPride) –  Oromo singers and songwriters Haacaaluu Hundessa and Abbush Zallaqaa will both release new music albums later this week during their first stop in Little Oromia as part of a multistate North American tour.

Oromo Thanksgiving Irreecha joyously celebrated worldwide

Read more ...by Sinke Wesho

(OPride) – The 2013 Irreecha, Oromo thanksgiving holiday, was joyfully celebrated over the weekend with millions of people flocking to parks and riverbanks around the world.

Horn of Africa This Week

Read more ...Hostage crisis in Nairobi continues

In an attack that occurred on Saturday in Kenya’s capital Nairobi as many as 69 people are confirmed dead and more than 100 wounded.


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